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Arranging a funeral when the need arises can be a daunting experience. Many decisions must be made quickly during a difficult time. Planning before the need arises can eliminate this stress and allow the funeral more easily to become a celebration of a life lived. Preplanning provides the luxury of planning a funeral that will be in keeping with your wishes; you can express your thoughts on all aspects of the service from music to readings to the pallbearers. Preplanning also permits you to consider the costs and if you desire to make arrangements to pay the cost of the service.

We invite you to contact us at any time if we can be of assistance in planning or in any other matter. You also may use our on-line preplanning form to provide most of the important information. Please click on the button below to access on-line preplanning.

Spurlin Funeral Home1782 Lexington Rd.Lancaster, KY 40444(859) 792-6433spurlinfuneralhome@aol.com